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Hartford CT  Building

Job Description

         The project at 165 Capitol Avenue, led by SMI, holds significant importance as it involves the preservation of a historic building within the state. This eight-story structure, spanning approximately 300,000 square feet, showcases remarkable architectural features, including marble columns, walls, brass elements, and stone stairs. To protect these irreplaceable elements during the project, SMI  employed a meticulous approach, utilizing specialized plywood coverings.


       The complexity of this endeavor stems from the presence of asbestos throughout the building, necessitating careful staging and strategic planning. SMI's team manages the intricate asbestos abatement process, along with selective demolition. While some aspects require precise and surgical methods, SMI remains mindful of the hazardous nature of asbestos and strictly adheres to safety regulations. Environmental engineers closely monitor air quality and ensure containment to prevent any spread of contaminants, prioritizing the well-being of both workers and future occupants of the building.


       SMI stands out as a sophisticated and methodical contractor, employing strategic tactics to execute the work efficiently. Their sector-by-sector approach, combined with meticulous planning, tracking of time and costs, and adherence to schedules, sets them apart in the industry. SMI's commitment to precision and their focus on delivering exceptional results make them a trusted partner for projects of this scale and complexity.

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