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SMI 960 Mass Ave Cafe/Rooftop

Cafe mass ave_edited.jpg

Job Description

       The project at 960 Mass Ave, overseen by SMI in partnership with Boston Medical Center added some large changes to the current office building. The first-floor space was completely renovated to house a brand-new cafe for both those working in the office building and those passing by. SMI did a wonderful job at transforming this space into something else and the results are beautiful as well as functional. 


       The roof on the third floor of the office building was converted into a deck to house seating areas as well as a green space. 

 The roof space now serves as a wonderful outdoor area for those working in the offices, half of it is a “living space’. This space has its own farm with plants and different kinds of fruit/vegetables for consumption.   Not only this but the SMI team was also able to provide and integrate solar power to the property including things such as solar pergolas as well as solar coverage on the higher level of the roof.

       SMI distinguishes itself as a highly skilled and systematic contractor, utilizing strategic methodologies for more efficient execution of projects. Their meticulous sector-by-sector approach, thorough planning, precise time, cost tracking, and strict adherence to schedules, position them as leaders in the industry. SMI's dedication to precision and their emphasis on achieving outstanding results establish them as a reliable partner for projects characterized by substantial scale and complexity.

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