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SMI Hanson

Job Description

   SMI takes pride in leading the significant project at 34 North Pearl Street in Brockton. This unique endeavor involved the conversion of a three-story building into a psychiatric care facility and clinical stabilization service (CSS), operating under the Level 3 alteration classification. The comprehensive scope of work encompassed site, exterior, and interior renovations, as well as envelope upgrades, covering an impressive area of approximately 56,600 square feet.


        The importance of this project lies in its purpose: providing essential services to those in need. Collaborating closely with Boston Medical Center, SMI contributed to the creation of a specialized care center. The facility now serves as a pivotal hub, offering culturally competent treatment in two acute inpatient psychiatric units and one clinical stabilization service. The expert team at SMI ensured that the facility reflects the diverse makeup of the surrounding communities, ensuring effective and inclusive care. This project also has remained carbon zero since the first day of opening.


          SMI distinguishes itself as a sophisticated and methodical contractor, employing strategic tactics to execute projects efficiently. Their sector-by-sector approach, meticulous planning, precise time and cost tracking, and unwavering commitment to schedules set them apart in the industry. With a steadfast dedication to precision and the delivery of exceptional results, SMI has earned the trust of partners seeking unparalleled expertise in managing projects of this scale and complexity.

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